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School of Visual Art’s “List” of The Fundamentals of Interaction Design

October 3rd, 2010 in Design, Interaction Design No Comments

Requested Reading Recommendations

January 6, 2009

Upon the request of readers, we asked faculty to recommend books for an interaction design reading list. These could be landmark texts, underdogs, or critical reads, or stepping stones to other fields. The following is what resulted from our request, comprising in part: a sneak preview of what will be assigned in courses; what some consider to be cornerstone interaction design texts; and what some consider important connections to other fields.

Information Design

Networks and Data

Physical Computing and Electronics

Storytelling and Visual Narratives

Usability and Web Design

See Also

While it may be cheating, the categories of sustainability, philosophy, architecture, writing, and many more have texts too vast to list here. Below are just a couple outlined by the faculty.