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I have to tell you that everyone who has seen this has been absolutely thrilled. They like both the look and the experience and can't believe we put something together like this so fast. Our CEO and board are very excited about the possibilities this brings us, and our potential partners continue to use words like "amazing" and "brilliant". So thank you so much for your help on this. We aren't the easiest client to work with, and you handled the assignment well considering the scope and schedule."

- Paul Stanley

Marketing Director, Cellfire

Cellfire's main product offering is rapid delivery of paperless promotions. The coupon technology integrates coupons and promotions within a user's loyalty cards but historically all transactions were based online.

The marketing directors commissioned Mezuki to design the visual language of an HTML mobile web site that was optimized for iPhone/Android/WebOS browsers as well as other full HTML phone browsers such as WinMob, BlackBerry, and high-end java and brew devices. The challenge was to design a Cellfire-branded interaction framework, but one that is neutral enough to integrate into the framework of partnership sites.

Mezuki took a leadership role in the evaluation of existing marketing pieces to ensure a branded, consistent look and feel. Mezuki designed a comprehensive visual system that included the standard framework, the common elements library and the complete features library from requirements through to deployment.

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client testimonial

I have hired and supervised Jacqueline as a visual design contractor for several significant projects, as a part of my role as design director at Cooper. I appreciate her reliability and consistency, and find her extraordinarily easy to work with. Jacqueline has demonstrated an ability to work successfully both independently and as an integrated member of a design team. She has good communication skills and has always delivered timely work that met or exceeded the expectations of our clients. I would not hesitate to work with her in this capacity again in the future."

- Nate Fortin,

Design Director, Cooper

The Cooper team identified the technical objectives of the new concierge system: the system must integrate with sales contact CRM database; must incorporate marketing content such as concierge Best-Of blogs, attraction reviews; a booking engine, a message center and more.

The team interviewed stakeholders in over 10 major cities including Dubai and Moscow to inquire on everyday operations and identified touch points betwee Concierge and clientele.

Mezuki collaborated with Interaction Designers to define primary & secondary personas; defined experience attributes of product; designed visual studies and archetypes for hero screens; developed a unique visual system including icons, common elements and suggested other brand elements that evoked luxury in a visual language that spoke to many cultures, worldwide.

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client testimonial

I've worked with some great visual designers over the years, and Jacqueline's skills are firmly in the category of greatness. In 2009, she worked on two projects that I led at Cooper. In each project, she owned the visual language of the design - the color, typography, and brand elements. Each project had very aggressive timelines, and Jacqueline was new to Cooper, but she quickly jumped in and developed high-quality, visually appealing directions. She also collaborates very well; she worked closely with our small design teams (and our clients) to develop and refine the design. I'm happy to recommend Jacqueline. She does great work, and she's great to work with. You can't beat that."

- Doug LeMoine,

Engagement Lead, Cooper

Eqecat looked to Cooper to re-think the user experience of software that models natural disasters for insurance underwriting. Eqecat also sought an exploration of several unique visual directions for the site redesign. Mezuki created a series of design languages that took the root of brand attributes to evoke the design directions.

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I had the pleasure of working with Jacqueline on a challenging consulting project for a company that needed a whole new visual style for a complex product in a short amount of time. Jacqueline quickly captured the essence of how the client wanted their brand to be perceived. Next, she was able to manage input from multiple client executives with different opinions... all over the phone and several time zones away! Jacqueline never loses her cool, and is a delight to work with."

- Steve Calde,

Director of Business

Development/Principal Consultant,


client testimonial

Aconex is an Australian-based company that specializes in project management software for the construction industry. The company sought a current, modernized visual design for their online application that is utilized on a daily basis among project managers, architects, coordinators and vendors.

Mezuki collaborated with Senior Interaction Designers and Project Leads to interview key stakeholders in more than five different time zones to ascertain their visual design aspirations. The final design directions took cues from experience/brand attributes that resonated well with the business objectives and product personality traits.

The selected designs were applied to hero screens, which were then passed on to the development team.

A concise style guide consisting of common elements, icon libraries and color palettes were produced as a blueprint to integrate the new Aconex visual design.

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client testimonial

I've worked with Jacqueline for three years in New York, and during that time I was the Interactive Operations Director. I've worked with a number of FT and contract talent, but working with Jacqueline has been a unique experience as she is incredibly self-managed. She always ensures she understands project requirements before any work has begun. She asks appropriate questions to ensure all materials delivered are to requested requirements. Not only is she very professional, but she provides additional recommendations to assist in making any campaign successful.

Her wealth of experience allows her to use her expertise in offering additional solutions and easy to follow user Interfaces. Personally, Jacqueline's enthusiasm is always very contagious. She is easy to work with and it's always a pleasure to be on a project with her. Whether it is design work for corporate environments, Motor Vehicle clients, to the hip hop crowd, she enables the audience to gather the essence of what is trying to be sold. Her design is very engaging and many times quite beautiful."

-Lorraine Deleon,

Interactive Operations Director

Lexus sought Mezuki to design a series of touch screen iPad archetypes to pitch the concept design within the internal marketing and sales departments.

The resulting concept design fit strategically and visually within the successful general market campaign, Darker Side of Green, established by Lexus and the incumbent agency, The Attik.

Mezuki was able to design within time constraints as there existed a familiarity with iPhone and iPad best practices and UI guidelines. The hero screens combine information and rich media that were auto-specific and editorial-driven to increase trust and loyalty among existing and prospective Lexus automotive drivers.

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client testimonial

Jacqueline is adept at understanding brand and experience objectives and using that insight to drive design. Her designs truly embody and extend the attitudes and values the product or service strives to communicate. I've never had a review with her and thought "it's pretty, but it just doesn't feel right." On the contrary, she identifies and emphasizes the qualities that speak for the brand and product.

Working with Jacqueline is an experience not to be missed. Her attitude is always positive and her laugh downright infectious. Clearly her work is play, and she approaches it with enthusiasm and drive. She's good at estimating effort and trustworthy with deadlines and deliverables.

Jacqueline brings considerable experience and is eager to learn new approaches, tools, and methods. She is comfortable and confident with clients and in collaboration with others."

- Tim McCoy,

Senior Interaction Consultant, Cooper

American Airlines sought a sophisticated visual design for their highly affluent African - American class of business travelers, but one that remained in-line with the existing brand of the long-lived airline.

The website had to include culturally-relevant content modules with interactive pieces that stimulated visitors to learn more about exotic and relevant destinations Mezuki developed a social networking ecosystem in conjunction with a booking engine to propel frequent flyers to learn personal anecdotes to drive bookings.

Mezuki built a team of 3D artists, sound composers and flash animators to render a virtual lounge that housed interactive elements to stimulate a user's engagement and ideally, their desire to visit exotic destinations.

The resulting campaign included a high-fidelity prototype of the digital experience from the American Airlines site to the smart phone experience.

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