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Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping to launch

We could not have done this without you.

I know you each have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into the site design and development. The site looks sensational.

I have really enjoyed working with you and learning a lot from you.

Hoping for continued collaboration and communication.

- Mira Lowe,

Editor-in-Chief, Johnson Publishing

Ask a random number of passers-by on the nearest big-city block and they'll no doubt agree that JET Magazine is the most iconic African American publication in history. Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson and many more heroes of the 21st Century have graced the covers of JET's back issues that house relevant and stimulating topics such as Life, Health, Business and Beauty.

Mezuki served as the Web Producer, Interaction Designer, and Lead Visual Designer to launch the newly branded magazine, one that coincided with the updated print magazine. JET boasts a circulation number of 850,000 and within the first week of launching, JET secured advertising giant, Starbucks Coffee and amassed over 500 registered users and in turn, increased their loyal subscription base.

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client testimonial

I've worked in the beauty and styling industry for over 20 years, establishing the Artistic Department at Farouk Systems (makers of Biosilk and the CHI line), and have created education materials for Educators and Platform artists, worldwide. I've used Jacqueline to create materials for over 8 years and we've traveled for photo and video shoots across Montreal, Chicago, New York and LA.

Jacqueline has always put a great effort of understanding very thoroughly the client, and her keen understanding of the beauty industry, the market and competition before the project even starts, in a sentence: she does her home work extremely well. Through very open and fruitful communication, the project outline and the expectations are very clearly established which creates trust and excitement for the ongoing project. Even when the project has become bigger, she has always been able to deliver on time.

Time and time again, Jacqueline has successfully conceptualized my products and brand, making it visible, desirable and exciting. My clients as well as competitors constantly give me compliments of her visual design. You have it or you don't; and she has it."

- Mikko Horttana,

Creative Director, Mikko Salons

To product designers, the best inventions emerge from a combination of factors: a solution that is absent within our environment and one that is based off of selfish wants and demands.

Hello World. Meet Burblejax, a creative platform that sparks conversations around the highly immersive and addictive topics of design. The platform highlights design innovators in hopes to inspire members to create "Burbles", discussions that can motivate innovators and entrepreneurs to act, collaborate and create.

Mezuki created the concept, interaction design, personas, and other detailed design documentation to proficiently design the Joomla-based social creative network.

In addition, the website is promoted across social media websites across a custom YouTube skin/channel, a Twitter page, and Facebook Group page to encourage the viral marketing campaign.

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client testimonial

I had the opportunity to personally work with Jacqueline on a design project when she was working for us @ Cooper. She brought a high-level of creativity, brand sensitivity and implementation focus to the program and was a delight to work with also due to her personality/can-do attitude. Any design team can be glad to have her on the team."

- Michael Voege,

Director of Industrial Design, Cooper

The automaker is historically a favorite among the Asian American segment, but in order to reach the African-American market, the automaker reached out to Mezuki to design an elegant and stylish e-zine, one that would specifically allure urban, stylist women with a penchant for all things luxurious.

By working with producers, record labels, casted talent, and editors, Mezuki cultivated the final design that directed visitors to a site that promoted health and wellness podcasts, music videos from urban legends Ashanti and Angie Stone and real-time Catwalk beauty tips from Milan to NYC.

The Aim to Please Camryzine emulated a hip entertainment magazine that engaged distinguished women to relate to what they want most out of life - LUXURY. The climax of the zine highlights an interactive feature to customize a lady's very own Toyota Camry. The website was supported by rich media ads, videoblog microsites, and e-marketing invitations to exclusive Toyota Aim to Please events.

launch site

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client testimonial

Jacqueline is a world-class graphics designer and artist. Her designs communicate her client's message and vision. I had the opportunity to work with Jacqueline to implement her designs on several projects for global Fortune 500 companies. As a leader, she is agile, available, and communicates clearly. As a client, Jacqueline is fair and has integrity. As a designer, she has vision and flair."

- Randy Fuller,

Independent Consultant, Randall Fuller Enterprises

Lexus possesses a loyal driver base and one that, according to research, is in touch with all things Lexus - from marketing communications to the Lexus Magazine.

Lexus hired Mezuki to create compelling online email marketing designs that were consistent with creative standards. The CRM campaign proved to be a successful online marketing strategy that increased awareness, and drove customer traffic and conversion.

Mezuki supervised and managed the email schedule and worked with account directors and the direct marketing team on managing the email tool, ongoing user requirements and templates.

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client testimonial

I have worked with Jacqueline while she was taking charge of the Marketing Director role at our gaming company. We produced a game for Sony's PS2, Microsoft's XBOX and the PC platform. She was a very integral part of the marketing/pr process and getting our brand recognized in different mediums of media such as Stuff magazine, Comedy Central, several online and print gaming publications, etc. Jacqueline's ideas and creative process also played a big part in the brand identity being communicated clearly to our audience. As an Art Director I could easily communicate my ideas and collaborate with her with great results every time. I believe that someone like Jacqueline has an innate sense of creativity that is multifaceted and can be communicated through her different skills. Overall she is an extraordinary addition to any team."

- Zachary Bolena,

Art Director / Lead Sr. Designer, PayPal

For over 35 years, United Way and the National Football League have worked together to strengthen America's communities. To tell the visual story, partnership directors of the iconic organization commissioned Mezuki to design and art direct an engaging website design, one that would fit within the recognizable United Way brand and one that would appeal to a diverse demographic of prospective community volunteers.

Mezuki produced detailed flowcharts, the interaction design, and accompanying visual design that would envelope the visual metaphor of virtual player "rooms." Each room highlighted NFL players photo galleries, player stats, banner ads and more. The team worked closely with the internal development team to integrate the new design into the master framework of

The website launch was supported by a massive campaign that included bus wraps, billboards and PSAs seen nationwide.

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